by Emily Beck

Dear reader,

I’m scared. I haven’t been this sick in a while. My body doesn’t want to eat anymore. And when I make myself, I feel really nauseous after. I am nervous of just about everything now. It is rather odd because I will be a complete wreck during the day, and the second I am in bed for the night, watching TV, and no one is texting me, I am calm. Maybe I should try shutting out social media with the exception of this and maybe Tumblr. I hear social media can trigger depression- maybe they are right.

Daniel and I are no more. Marie and David were telling me how bad he is for me. I’d rather not go into that, but let’s just say it led to Daniel calling me a “fucking bitch”.

I need someone new in my life. Not a boyfriend, per se. Just someone. Someone who won’t leave when times get bad. I need that more than anyone realizes.

I can’t wait to get to Alabama and be able to start fresh.